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Truffles, cinema and celebrities


Truffles have had a special relationship with the film world for many years, both in Italy and abroad.

There are many films, starring major Italian and international actors, in which the much-prized fungus features.

Truffles have had a special relationship with the film world for many years, both in Italy and abroad.

There are many films, starring major Italian and international actors, in which the much-prized fungus features.


Italian cinema has always paid special consideration to truffles.

A shining example is the Italian director Marco Ferreri who actually dedicated two of his films to the precious fruit of the earth: The Man with the Balloons from 1965 (known as Break Up in the longer and complete version), a sequence included in the film Kiss the Other Sheikh which starred the masterful Marcello Mastroianni and Blow Out from 1973 with the great Ugo Tognazzi, Marcello Mastroianni and Philippe Noiret.

In the first film, The Man with the Balloons, there are two scenes in which truffles are present, in this case white ones: the first scene has Marcello Mastroianni going to the market, stopping at a stall which is displaying numerous white truffles, which he smells and finally buys.

In the second scene, which is very amusing, we see Mastroianni sitting down for dinner and, while watching the dog, he takes the truffle and starts to grate it, shouting out the cost of every strip of the prized white truffle that ends up in his food.

In Ferreri’s second film, Blow Out, the Italian director films truffles in the scene in which Tognazzi prepares duck paté. An unusual, but nevertheless appealing, approach.
From Marco Ferreri we move on to 1986 with Luca Verdone, director of the successful comedy Seven Kilos in Seven Days, with Carlo Verdone and Renato Pozzetto.
In this scene Renato Pozzetto finds himself in a minimarket set on ordering various very expensive foods, including two packages of truffle cream.
Without knowing it, Carlo Verdone is watching him as he shops, and he asks Pozzetto what he is doing. Pozzetto, who is surprised to see him there, replies: “Well, it was going on a bit and we wanted to curb our appetites.”

Verdone then says: “You’re about to have dinner.” Pozzetto in turn says: “Just a snack.” At that point Verdone exclaims: “Goodness, is that what you call a snack? Crab paté, truffles, salmon, caviar…”


Truffles in international cinema

The film world has included truffles in scenes in various films around the world as well as in Italy.

How could we forget the guinea fowl with truffles in Notting Hill from 1999, with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, or the lunch prepared by Babette for older guests in Babette’s Feast from 1987, where the central figure prepares delicious quails in pastry stuffed with black truffle.
Moreover, an entire film has been completely dedicated to truffles: Truffe from 2008. The French-Canadian science fiction film is set in the Montreal of 2017.

With global warming, a significant amount of black truffles start to grow in the city’s subsoil, precisely because of the favourable climate.
But the film where truffles are splendidly immortalised is unquestionably the American film from 2007, No Reservations, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart. The much-prized fungus actually appears in two of the scenes.

The first scene sees the female lead, Catherine Zeta-Jones, meet a truffle dealer to see what he had brought. In the second scene, which is very funny and again with Zeta-Jones, she is involved in cooking a truffle dish helped in the basic tasks by her daughter.

When she moves off, the girl takes a truffle, smells it and, because of the strong flavour which she finds disgusting, she takes the truffles and throws them away in the rubbish bin. When Zeta-Jones comes back and can’t find them, she asks the girl what she had done.
When she sees them in the bin, she takes them out and puts them in a jewellery box filled with rice to store them as well as possible, as Aaron Eckhart laughs and her daughter looks on aghast.

There follow some of the scenes from the films cited above.



Molti sono i personaggi famosi nel mondo che amano e adorano il tartufo, che sia bianco o nero, come dimostrano le varie fiere internazionali, soprattutto quella di Alba, dove si incontrano personalità note, sia italiane che estere.

All’inizio fu Giacomo Morra l’ideatore del binomio tartufo e vip, inviando a diverse celebrità, come presidenti, attrici e sportivi americani, il pregiato tartufo bianco.


Sulle orme di Morra, anche la Urbani Tartufi in occasione di gala, fiere ed eventi ha donato a personalità note del mondo della politica, del cinema, dello sport e dello spettacolo (elencati nelle foto sottostanti) il pregiato tartufo bianco.

Su tutti diversi presidenti americani, come Barack Obama, Reagan e Bush, la compianta Lady Diana, il magnate americano Donald Trump o la famosissima attrice italiana Sophia Loren, solo per citarne alcuni.