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The Urbani company is present in the market with an assortment of products that meets our every need of our consumers.

Across the various channels, the Urbani portfolio includes around 600 different items, which range from items that are ready for use to condiments like oil or vinegar which can be mixed with other ingredients to obtain dishes with a unique, unmistakeable taste.

These products, before being approved for use, are subjected to strict documentary checks and analysis, and only then are worked on. As far as oil and vinegar are concerned for example, aromatisation is important. It is a painstaking and delicate process, that is done directly by our expert chemists in partnership with the Department of Food and Biological Sciences at the University of Camerino.

The latest range to have been launched was FILOSOFIA NATURALE (“natural philosophy”), which has emerged from growing and production methods that completely exclude genetically modified organisms or products deriving from chemical synthesis.

Designed to meet the needs of increasingly careful consumers, who are attentive not just to the quality of the products and the origin of their main ingredients but also to the impact that production and packaging has on our environment, Filosofia Naturale is a range that emphasises how Urbani Tartufi cares for the planet and is attentive to its needs, a keystone of company policy.

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