Three challenges and one common goal: revolutionizing the world of packaging!
Exciting news for startups in the packaging industry! Eight members of the Italia del Gusto consortium — Amica Chips, Auricchio, Pan Piuma, Parmalat, Ponti, Rovagnati, Urbani Tartufi, Valsoia — have initiated the Italia del Gusto Challenge, in partnership with the Foodtech accelerator Eatable Adventures.

This initiative aims to discover specific and practical solutions to address business and sectorial challenges within the packaging industry:

Recycle & Reuse: Develop strategies for reducing reliance on plastics, introducing recyclable alternative materials, or providing eco-friendly reusable alternatives for the Agrifood industry.

Efficient Processes: Revolutionize packaging in the food industry by reducing costs, optimizing processes, and improving traceability in streamlined processes and logistics.

Innovative Materials: Increase the shelf life of products using innovative materials and/or intelligent solutions that enhance functional and organoleptic characteristics, optimize consumption convenience, and introduce new formats.

Seize the opportunity to shape the future of packaging and potential collaboration with some of the top Italian food companies.
If you’re eager to take your startup to the next level, register here: